Rolling Hills Covenant Church Singles Review in Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Rolling Hills Estates, California

Meet Local Singles at Rolling Hills Covenant Church!

Rolling Hills Covenant Church Singles

Rolling Hills Covenant Church Singles

Review:  Rolling Hills Covenant Church singles is located in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  It offers planned dinner events, hikes, concerts, bowling, movies, game nights, etc. They also divide ages so you won’t feel too old or too young in their groups. Either way it’s a great choice for fellowship with other single adults!

If you’re in the younger adult category (just out of college or up to 30 something) then you’ll enjoy their activities.  Contact the church to find the latest meeting times.

RHCC singlesRolling Hills singles is established and ready to serve you. You can expect to see a good turn-out at most of their events. The picture to the right of a weekend evening service had about 150 single adults in attendance. The age varies and the meetings and events are open to all single adults.

These people love the Lord and you will feel comfortable getting to know them. Be sure to get on their e-mail list so you can see their weekly schedule of events.

Singles MinistryIf you haven’t found what you’re looking for at Rolling Hills Covenant Church Singles or you’re looking for a location closer to home, you could help others by starting your own singles group and network of friends. As you reach out to help others find the friends they need, you’ll find more friends too. Take action today and learn about how to start a Christian singles group ministry.

Do you attend Rolling Hills Covenant Church?  If so, please give your review of the singles group and any helpful information that you can pass on to someone interested in attending.  You can write your comments below.

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