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Find new friends and meet Christian singles in groups through our growing list of Christian singles websites. Build healthy relationships with adult singles who share your Christian faith.

This site is designed to help you meet local singles and develop new friends. Christians sometimes forget that with great Bible studies, prayer meetings and ministry, there still is a need for fellowship, going out to eat and getting together just to have fun.

MeetingMany churches are focused on the spiritual needs of their people, but overlook the healthy relationships that develop through Christian fellowship activities, especially for single adults. Just as Jesus was moved with compassion to meet the physical needs of people by multiplying the five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:14-21), so likewise, many single adults are longing for their social needs to be met at church through simple gatherings with Christian singles for food and fellowship. Church leaders will often admit that they don’t know what to do in this area. Many married couples can’t relate to the loneliness that adult singles experience unless they were married late in life.  This also includes senior citizens.

The goal of this website is to bring Christian single adults together by crossing denominational lines and expanding opportunities to meet local singles from other churches. If Christian singles groups are not available in your city, consider following our proven guidelines to success and start a group at church or online through social media. Activities can focus on various fellowship opportunities such as eating out after Sunday morning church, outreach, community service, sightseeing trips, etc.

Volunteers who would like to start a singles group with a Christian singles website in their city are needed. This site is designed to bring Christian singles together, meet their social needs and then direct people to a local church for further support.

If you have a Christian singles group or singles ministry that you would like to share, click on Add Group. If you want to meet local singles, make new friends and fellowship with other believers, choose your state in the next section.

“Tell your friends about this site! With your help, this site will grow.  Help us help Christian single adults all across the country by connecting them with church singles groups that will assist them in building meaningful and healthy relationships.”

If you have a Christian Singles website to share please do.

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