Create A Singles Ministry That Helps Christian Singles

Ministry To Single Adults

Singles Ministry Vision For Outreach!

The Need for Singles Ministry

If you’re single or you married later in life, you understand the loneliness and isolation many single adults are experiencing. Many have stopped going to church because they feel more lonely at church, especially if it’s a large church, than just staying home and watching church on the television or the internet.

Imagine how encouraging it would be for single adults, if they knew that a group of Christian singles were going out to dinner after church on Sunday, including holidays, and they were welcome too! Also, imagine how exciting it would be if there were social activities or “get-togethers” for eating out, community service, sightseeing like a Saturday trip to the zoo, etc. We could even go a step further and include singles from all local churches, big and small, completely inter-denominational, allowing Christian singles to meet each other and possibly find their future spouse in the process.

We have the solution and YOU could be a part of the answer. Leaders like you are needed all across the country! We need people that will take the initiative to start a singles ministry from home, using their computer.

A Vision for Singles Ministry with Unlimited Possibilities

The vision is here and the future is now with the rise of the internet and the increasingly easy access through social media and websites.

In many churches only married couples are eligible to minister to singles, but in this new vision it is expected that the burden for fellowship opportunities and outreach will lead more single adults to voluntary leadership positions within their church or community along with greater ministry opportunities following. Just as Jesus fed the 5,000 in Matthew 14:13-21, single adults have social needs that will lead to their spiritual need being met – ultimately increasing church growth.

How Is A Christian SIngles Website Useful?
How Can You Start A Singles Ministry Online Using Your Computer?

“Tell your friends about this site! With your help, this site will grow.  Help us help Christian single adults all across the country by connecting them with church singles groups that will assist them in building meaningful and healthy relationships.”

If you have a Christian Singles website to share please do.

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