How To Start A Singles Ministry Using Your Computer

Singles Outreach

Reach Out To Adult Singles For Ministry Growth And Evangelism!

Now it's possible that anyone with a computer and access to the internet can start a singles ministry.

Since singles are continually looking for fellowship opportunities, there are many ways that you can bring singles together. As an example, see the website below, which is already a great success story.

This website example is an essential part of announcing upcoming events and activities. When you develop your Christian singles website, be sure to write the name of your city on the web page so the search engines will be able to categorize it properly. Then when people do a search for singles activities in your city, your singles ministry website will appear. You will also be able to submit your site to so it will be in que to be added to our directory.

Options For Starting a Singles Ministry

Websites:  While making a website may sound complicated, it’s actually fairly easy. Beginners can get started for free by using Weebly. Weebly is a “What You See Is What You Get” editor. It also provides free hosting so it’s an incredible deal! The only thing you’re responsible for is your content and selecting a web address. (You can view an example of Weebly in action by Kevin Manning.  He uses his Weebly site to promote his speaking engagements to schools and churches.)

If you have experience making websites, you may prefer to use a more advanced program like WordPress. There are video tutorials available to you on YouTube. Just search for “WordPress Tutorial” and you’ll have several videos to watch.

If you choose WordPress, you’ll need a web address and hosting package. is one of the most popular!

Facebook Groups:  Many churches and group leaders are now using Facebook Groups to connect with their singles.  This is a great way to update people on the latest events.  It also gives more freedom to everyone in the group to ask question or make suggestions of their own.  A popular choice for individuals starting a singles ministry is  It has a network of followers that can be easily accessed when they search for new groups with unique interests.

Using pictures of your growing singles ministry will require a digital camera. As you can see from our web site examples, there are a lot of pictures and that can make the website much more interesting! A video uploaded to would be a great addition too and that would bring you more traffic as well.

How Do You Communicate With Your List Of Contacts?

If you’re using a website, you need a way of sending out announcements and one of the best services available is This service is great for sending out e-mail announcements to your list of contacts. For example, if you want to meet everyone for lunch after church on Sunday, then you can send them a PunchBowl invitation a few days before your scheduled event.

See the video below for a brief overview of PunchBowl invitations…

“Tell your friends about this site! With your help, this site will grow.  Help us help Christian single adults all across the country by connecting them with church singles groups that will assist them in building meaningful and healthy relationships.”

If you have a Christian Singles website to share please do.

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