Free Chapel Singles Group in Gainesville Georgia

Gainesville, Georgia

Meet Local Singles at Free Chapel in Gainesville!

Free Chapel Singles

Free Chapel Singles in Gainesville, Georgia

The Free Chapel Singles Group is designed for singles 25+. The singles group is known as Intermission. One visitor mentioned that the website didn’t give as much detail as being on their e-mail list. At the present time, they are using Facebook too, but the e-mail list is much better. This church has a lot to offer and it’s worth visiting and inquiring at the church directly. There are opportunities for community outreach, fellowship and more!

If this church is too far from your home then you might consider starting your own singles group. However, if you get involved with Free Chapel you will find that there are a lot of possibilities to meet people.

Free Chapel also has a lot of small groups so you may enjoy attending one or more in your area.

Do you attend Free Chapel?  If so, please update us on what is currently going on with the single adults program at your church.

4 thoughts on “Free Chapel Singles Gainesville Georgia”

  1. I too, am in Jasper, 67 year old woman, single and would like to meet and become friends with men my age. I want to meet a man who loves the Lord and is serious about serving Him.
    Thank you!

  2. I am a 60 year old woman looking for a man who loves the Lord as much as myself. The problem I have Is I am disabled so I do not drive, and I am looking to be able to come to your singles group but I am also looking for a way to get to and from there. I live about 20 minutes from there. I keep being told that there is someone for everyone, so I guess I’m ready to put myself out there again.

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